Hole in my bucket, Dear Liza

Today was going to be a write off. I was knackered from the past few days of going to gigs and especially the craziness of the Russian band.
It was about 3pm when I discovered the hole in my shorts (whilst watching Keeping Up Appearances) and it is irreparable.

I set off to the shops. First stop was Winners who had about 4 pairs of shorts and none in my size.
Next stop was Old Navy, which had one pair in my size and the colour I wanted. They’re just about an inch shorter than I was looking for.
I realise that it’s mid August, but why can I not get shorts anywhere?!?! Plus, I’m pissed off, because the shorts that broke are my favourite pair.
Whilst standing in line for McDonalds (I was peckish) a girl collapsed in the line next to me.
I crossed the road to Dundas Square afterwards as there was some Indian festival going on. I wish they would stand up when they play, I couldn’t see anything. What made it worse was the huge wedge monitors in front of them.

On the subway back, I was drumming on my knees to jamiroqui, when I was disturbed by Gabriel. He was the guy that I met in Best Buy and jammed with about 8 months ago! He never got back in touch but basically said it was because he was lazy. He’s hippy trippy, so probably been busy being an activist.

I went home to find that once again we don’t have internet. I cooked, watched a few videos and then went to bed.


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