So when you say baguette, you mean long bit of bread?

I’m so tired so I will make this one brief.

Got really pissed off with the TTC being mega late this morning. I was stood on the platform for 25 minutes waiting for a subway train. Then I remembered that the trains don’t run until 9:30 on a Sunday and I was late for work.

In other news, some bloke from a coffee shop in the mall had given me a voucher for free coffee OR baguette. Baguette of course, so I went to redeem it and they gave me a huge bread baguette with no filling! I was expecting to have that for my dinner. I took it to Jonny’s for band rehearsal and his mum filled it with PB and J, which wasn’t actually as bad as it should have been because she switched the peanut butter for almond milk butter to something else healthy.

To add insult to injury, the twat driving the bus tonight went straight past me and I had to wait for the next one. Wicked pissed.


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