NIagararara Falls!

Well I finally made it! I’ve only been here 11 months, but I managed to make it to Niagara Falls, the number one tourist trap in Ontario/Canada/North America, or whatever it’s claim may be.

To be honest. They’ve ruined it. One of the 7 wonders of the world and instead of leaving it as it is, there’s loads of viewing platforms, towers, boats that dodge the spray, boats that drive through the spray, two visitor centres (one spelt ‘center’ on the US side) and hundreds of people walking round like idiots in brightly coloured rain ponchos.
…and that’s not getting started on the thousands of amusement arcade tat that litters the surrounding area.

We hired a car and my friend drove down there. He wanted to eat in BUrger King, so we went in there first. It was a store full of ‘prohibited’ signs.





I wish there had been a no screaming kids sign, cos the child next to us was a pain in the arse. Tapiwa defied the sign and ate a tupperware box of spaghetti in the restaurant.

We walked down to the falls and I got loads of photos. About 135.

Here’s a couple:

We wandered around the welcome centre, most of which you had to pay for. Poor do.

After we got bored of this we wandered back to the car. I decided that I was going to have a go at driving. Almit drove it out of the town for me and we switched just before the highway. I drove most of the way back to Toronto, which was a very strange experience. I’ve never driven automatic, or from the left hand side of a vehicle.

After having a burger, we went to Boston Pizza for a leaving do.
It was a great time, but we came out to find we have a ticket for parking in front of a fire hydrant. We had never noticed it when we parked. It wasn’t on the pavement, it was all the way back on the grass verge.
What a load of shite!


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