Early in the afternoon I went to check out the Buskerfest.
It was rubbish. They shut an entire stretch of Front St from Yonge to Jarvis and somehow only found room for 5 ‘stages.’ The rest of the street was wall to wall tat merchants and food stalls. I expected there to be street artists performing everywhere. Such a let down.
I watched a few acts and drank a free bottle of root beer. Two passers by stopped me and asked how I was getting away with drinking alcohol in the street. They were much less interested when they found out it wasn’t alcohol.

I carried on to my friend’s parents to collect my new Visa card. I now have one of those dangerous ones where you wave it over the machine and it reads the information.

Next stop was my friend’s restaurant again. I ate cabbage rolls…again. I had a few beers with Almit before we headed once again to the Rasputin Vodka Bar to see the crazy Russian Gypsy band, Jumple.

it was just as crazy as last time, people were dancing on the tables, the band were pushed right up against the wall, although this time there was a strict ban on spinning the chandelier. Probably because it nearly fell off last time!
They refused to serve my friend’s girlfriend because she had only given a 50cents tip across $25 worth of alcohol and stated that if she wanted serving again it was going to cost her a $5 tip. Then she started saying she was going to marry me to keep me in the country. Her boyfriend was surprisingly encouraging about this.

I got home at 3:30am.


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