ECHO ECho echo

This morning I took the bus to CIBC and yelled at them because my visa card still didn’t work and the ATM wouldn’t let me change my pin.

That fixed, I was now able to spend money. I bought a pair of drumsticks. WOOHOO!!!! They have some crazy name and a crazy shape.

In the afternoon, I finally managed to finish editing my photos from before Christmas! Crazy I know!!!
If you’re lucky I might just upload one tomorrow when I have nothing better to talk about.

I was going to go down town and take some photos of the Toronto skyline, but the clouds were crap so I didn’t bother.
Instead I went to Site 3, the community engineering workshop and learnt some fascinating things about 3D printers.

One the way back I was waiting at the subway for a bus and a guy comes over and starts shouting Bob Marley lyrics in my face. He then tells me the tale of how he’s lived in Toronto for 45 years and then lived in Greece for 10 years (throwing in the fact that he is now 51 years old) and says that this is the reason he doesn’t understand the system here anymore.
He then asked if I had seen the ‘new’ trains on the Spadina line. I think he means the ones we got 10 months ago. “They’re great aren’t they? If you’re friend is on a different carriage you can just walk through the train rather than having to run out at a station and back in the next carriage.” He acted this little scenario out for me.

The bus came and he started shouting at me, “BUDDY! HEY BUDDY! BUD! BUD!” I ignored him and got on the bus. After he’d sat down he started coughing up his arse, I thought he was going to die and then started bothering someones 3 year old child who got offended when he called the boy a little girl.

I was terrified… I think he lives near me.


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