The Ex

it was shite.

No, I’m being harsh, it was quite good for what it was. Far too expensive though. $16 to get in and Ontario place is closed for good!

Upon arriving I headed straight for the air show. I was quite excited because this was the first time I’d been on Ontario place. Of course, everything was closed, but it was still somewhere that I’d wanted to wander around and photograph for a while.

I probably got there too early, but the first hour of the air show was pretty boring. It just took them too long to go past.
I took a few photos and then moved on to the main exhibition.

Food was next on the agenda and I decided that I should have some pulled pork in a sandwich. After waiting for ages I was given one cold. It wasn’t so great.

I pretty much walked around everything. I saw the farm, sand sculptures, a butter bust of Rob Ford, the fair rides, a pretty good band (905 band), a flow rider (it was shit) and I even got to go on a demonstration model of a new light rail carriage.

I then had some fish and chips, which were crap and came with fries not chips, and then watched some buskers juggling on stilts.

Upon arriving home I met Vitaliy, it was his last day in the house. We had a couple of beers and chatted for a few hours. He has quite some tales to tell!


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