Portuguese Karaoke.

I didn’t do too much this morning apart from cooking 4 pork chops and eating two of them before they went off, but in the evening I went over to Tapiwa’s and we shot some hoops. I was OK.

Then it started to rain like a bastard so we went back to his basement where we watched various British sitcoms.
First we saw Last of the summer wine, followed by Black Books, Brittas Empire and Blackadder to finish it off.

Almit turned up and Tapiwa convinced us to go to the nearby Portuguese bar, the same one we’d watched the football in a few times.

It was crazy, not particularly busy, but they had a laser show going off, mirror ball, and a guy dressed like a lawyer in the corner who was the DJ. There were two microphones set up which made me suspicious. Oh shit. It was a karaoke night!
Before I could escape, the evil DJ (probably DJ barrie Chuckle) hit a button causing the most pathetic tiny smoke machine I’ve ever seen to puff white smoke into the air masking the exit.

The first woman was OK, but the next act was amazing. A drunk guy got up to sing a song in Spanish. He kept flicking the microphone cable around the floor like a snake and started pacing backwards and forwards staring at Tapiwa. I was laughing my head off whilst Tapiwa tried to keep a straight face. He was getting closer and closer and eventually put his arm around him, still singing in Spanish. Another incredibly drunk guy from the bar went up to a table, picked up a chair and after placing it atop the table, proceeded to dance around it.
By now I was in tears with laughter and after the first guy saw, he started pacing in front of me instead.

It was the funniest thing I’ve seen yet in Toronto.

Then we went home.


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