House Hunting

I’m soon to move out to Pickering, but I don’t have anywhere to live just yet.

Brigi picked me up after work and she drove me out to Pickering.

After a very nice toastie, we went around to a few houses.

The first was in the perfect location. It was right on Fisherman’s Bay with a beautiful view of the lake.
The house however was a dump and the room was the size of one and a half double beds. It had a double bed in it and very little else.
Plus it was $650 + $150 for bills. Rip off!

The next house is the one that I will probably move into, so I’m not going to document that publicly. It is massive though and immaculate with a huge island kitchen, garden with balcony and a shed. I need to make friends with the neighbours as they have a swimming pool!!

We then went on to a house in Major Oaks which was nice, but unfortunately unfurnished. Also, the woman who owned it seemed quite controlling. It had a big deck balcony, garden, piano and lots of over sized novelty teddy bears around the place.

The next one we didn’t bother with because the landlord sounded like a complete dick. Instead we looked at one on Amberlea road, which was nice, but was sharing with a five person Indian family. THe only thing private would be my room and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with a family I didn’t know.

We went back to Brigi’s and messed about for a bit. She forced me to watch Glee and I have to admit it was actually quite good.
JUST KIDDING! It was fecking awful!! It’s teh worst thing I’ve ever watched, they can’t even mime in time to the songs!!


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