Leg it!

Brigi took me to work with her so I could take the subway home. Unfortunately there was no subway due to a service train hitting and killing a guy over night.
I took the Dufferin bus instead.

I did a few errands, opened a savings account, had a hair cut and showed my room to a few people. Think I’ve managed to get rid of it which is great, but I have to move out Monday.

In the evening I went to Boston Pizza for my leaving do because my last shift is Sunday. I was tagging along with Chris, an Irishman who is also leaving the same workplace because his work permit has expired. Unfortunately one guy (who is a twat) decided he was having his leaving do on the same night somewhere else. He’s not leaving for another 2 weeks, but some guy (who he’s going to be working with when he leaves) happened to be in town this week. There was still a good turn out though so it was good.

Brigi showed up and I gave her a deposit for one of the houses for her to drop off for me.

At the end of the night, one of the servers approached me saying that I hadn’t paid for my first drink. That was correct, someone said they’d buy it for me and for some reason it never went on their tab. I complained and she went back into the kitchen. I did a runner as I had no money left!


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