Cycle power!

Been to the bank again today, they charged me sixteen friggin fifty just for a letter to say what my current balance is!!!!
Robbing bastards!!!

I’ve just written them a letter of complaint.

I’m so tired today I’m finding it difficult to function. I had about 5 ours sleep because I couldn’t stay asleep this morning.

I went to the local leather place to see what they had for maintaining leather shoes. They showed me some mink oil. $25 plus tax!!
I came home and went on the manufacturers website, it’s $10 including postage on there and no tax because it’s from Oregon!!
Bollocks to supporting local businesses!

I did a bit of packing as I’m moving out on Monday, then I went downtown to the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival.
They had 3 bicycles hooked up to a generator and people from the audience had to pedal in order for power to be supplied to the amplifiers.
A transgender person from Montreal sang some songs which occasionally cut out as the cyclists slacked off.

Afterwards a kids entertainer sang some songs whilst they packed it all up onto trailers. They then road to Liberty Village to carry on the music festival.
On the way, a bloke stood on top of one of the trailers and played music as they road along. He called it ‘surfing.’

I left the chase at the Exhibition gates and walked East to Sean’s place. He was having a barbecue.
The entire downtown area by now was gridlocked. They’d shut part of the Gardiner for roadworks.
It’s good to know that best road maintenance practises aren’t confined to England, over here it also takes 4 people to dig a hole, 1 to dig and 3 to watch…

I stumbled upon ‘canoe landing.’ How someone marooned a canoe up here so far from the lake, I will never know. Apparently it’s a place for drunks to have a piss at night and currently two people were sitting on it, so I couldn’t get a decent photo.

I took this photo though, whatever it is…

We then had a barbecue, which was yummy and Sean made 12 muffins, of which he ate 6 in the space of an hour.

He’s a photo from his apartment:


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