Last day!

Today was my last day at work. If you hadn’t guessed already, it was of course a major electronics manufacturer named after a fruit.
I hated every minute of it and I’m so glad to be out. It’s true, they hire the coolest people, but the job really sucks.

On to bigger and better things.

I got photos with several staff members. After work I headed down to Foxly Street. They were having a party in the street.
There was around 100 people there and a band playing. People danced on the roof. I began to wonder just how many gypsy bands existed in Toronto.

Lemon Bucket (who seem to get everywhere) were headlining. However, just before they were due to start, the police showed up and forced them to turn off the amplification because they’d had a noise complaint!

They managed to convince the cops to let the play as long as they played quietly. Everyone was instructed to be quiet. After every song, the place exploded with rapturous applause, followed by a sudden hush and everyone saying, shhh, shhhh. There was a part in their set where they have a sousaphone solo followed by forcing the audience to sit on the floor. it was at this point, whilst everyone was sat down, that a car turned up wanting to get through the crowded alley.
Everyone had to squash against the fences and garages to let the vehicle through and then the police swarmed in trying to shut the event down 10 minutes before the 10pm scheduled end.
They managed to convince the police to let them carry on and they finished the set by making everyone put their arms on each others shoulders and sing a lullaby to the neighbourhood whilst swaying.
It was fecking weird. It was like I’d left one cult (work) and accidentally joined another!


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