The glow finally fades.

I did a spot of shopping this morning for clothes. Can’t find anything to fit me though. I think everyone is small or 30inch waist because there is such small quantities on the racks. I also get confused by designer brands who are known for their women’s line of clothes producing stuff for men. I feel scared to buy it.

Around 5 I went to Tapiwas and we shot some hoops. I seem to get worse at basketball every time I go. I was fecking awful.

6pm I moved on to Jonny’s. Tonight was the last show at Glow restaurant for me. Pickering is far to far to be commuting 90mins to play a gig.
Amazingly enough they had lamb chops on the specials list. I didn’t even need to see the rest of the menu! I was on it!!

We played a pretty good gig, but the video camera ran out 4 songs from the end and missed my drum solo. 😦
The night was also marred by Sean confronting Jonny about the fact that he pockets $40 more than the rest of us each week for doing the same amount of work and that Sean should get a tenner more for his gas.
He has a fair point, but Jonny was pissed. Probably because it’s less money for him to buy weed.


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