To the border!

I got up fairly early and took the bus down to Niagara Falls. The bus was fairly empty and the journey wasn’t too bad at 90 minutes.

I walked from the terminal down to the Rainbow bridge. Today was the day I needed to renew my work permit. This required you to leave the country and come back in and couldn’t be done at airport for some reason.
I walked up to entrance to the bridge. You had to pay 50cents and the change machines only took $5 notes!! I looked at my loony and at the various change machines in despair.

I got change from the local duty free. I then crossed the bridge. The weather was perfect for the occasion.

Pissing it down.

I got to US customs who grilled me for a bit before letting me into America. I decided to walk along to the end of the falls and eat some sandwiches.
I hate to say it but Canada got screwed once again. The American side is much better than the Canadian side of the falls.
It was raining like a bastard!

I walked all the way to the end and ate my butties in the rain. It reminded me of when I was a child and my parents would drag me around a castle in the pouring rain.

After crossing the bridge once more I entered immigration where I had to endure a child screaming for 20minutes. I was served by a Scottish lady and then I got my papers.
I returned to the bus station and took the bus back to Toronto.

I went to Sam’s parents house to pick up my new computer and we all had chicken sandwiches and watched Jeopardy!


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