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No other observations


Houston Dynamo

I left the house today. I tidied up and took the TTC home.
I was only home for about 20 mins before having to rush out again.
I was going to watch Toronto FC lose to Houston Dynamo.
I stopped at the station on the way to get a pass for next month. It seems that last months strange inclusion of a leaf was a one off and we are now back to transit related photos.
Not actually too bad this time.


(I don’t know how to rotate it on the iPod app. My Internet is no longer working on my computer…)

The game was quite good. Toronto were dreadful as expected but Dynamo were worth watching. They won 2-0. Half he stadium emptied after the second goal.

I then did a trip to nofrills as my fridge was empty and felt like I was training for the weight lifting on the way back. I only walked a block, but blocks are a long distance in this city!

This evening I have been editing our horror film. It’s looking pretty awesome!!!

Free or High?

I learnt the difference between freeways and highways today. A freeway is a motorway and a highway is an A road.

I went for a walk in Winston Churchill park and luckily got home just in time to miss the torrential downpour. It came down like steel rods!

I then went to Baldo’s to check out his new apartment. It’s on the 29th floor and has a balcony and swimming pool.
He also pays through the nose for it, but it’s proper nice.
We went swimming and then we built some shit thing from Ikea before I very nearly drew a game of Fifa with him.

NXNE / Brandon’s birthday.

I had the day off so I thought I’d check out the Long & McQuade customer appreciation day.
They had a band playing in the car park, but only about 6 people were watching. 2 were taking photos, 2 were cooking hot dogs and the other two were eating the free hot dogs.

I carried on and into the store. I went and recovered a power cable that we’d left there when we returned the PA one week.
I also picked up a cymbal stand for Jonny’s kit.

I spotted this hilarious advert for a band:

After collecting my token, I went outside to enjoy my free hot dog and ginger ale. I don’t know where the ginger came in, but it tasted rather like Sprite.

After watching the band for a bit, I took the bus up to Jonny’s house for blues rehearsal.
There was a possum outside his house:

We banged out a few songs before I returned home to eat a big butterfly pork chop! YUM YUM!!!

I buggered about a bit before going to Dundas Square. This week was NXNE which is Toronto’s answer to the SXSW in Texas.
Unfortunately the square was full of hipsters watching wanky indie bands like Of Montreal and Flaming Lips, so I went to Best Buy to have a chat with some ex colleagues.
I then returned to Dundas Square and ate some free ice cream from Ben and Jerrys.

After a brief trip to the LCBO to get some beer, I then went to McDonalds. A couple were sat behind me. A crazy person then went up to the woman and started hugging her and wouldn’t let go. A woman had to scream at him to let go and move away. There was also a group of old men sat nearby playing cards at one of the tables. Only in Toronto…

The final stop was Brandon’s, it was his birthday and he was having a party.
It was a very pleasant evening.

I took the subway home around 1:20am and there was a guy sat opposite me with a 4ft piece of rope into which he’d tied a hangman’s noose at either end.
He then placed it over his neck. I’m not sure if I should have reported this or not…

Freeze Thaw

Today has been a day to sort out musical stuff.

But first, I had to go to the laundrette. I HATE these places. Probably mentioned that before. Plus the dryers are crap and I always end up having to distribute my wet clothes all round the house.
I took these though:
The rest of the morning was taken up by buggering about with my work permit application. For some reason, every time you press print it generates a new reference number. The reason why this is a pain is because my papers are now in England and I’m having to try and sort it out with my mum over Skype. It was a total pain in the arse and I’m still not sure it’s totally solved.

After lunch, which became a rushed affair, I headed over to Pape station. I was greeted by 4 crack heads at the exit who followed me down to the dental surgery whilst I was trying to get phone signal. I managed to get rid of them without too much effort and after a call to Gabriel, I was on my way to find the ‘Fox and Fiddle’ pub. I met him outside (for the first time) and we went in. We ate wings and fries and had a few beers whilst we talked about the new hiphop band he wants to start. He was a proper nice bloke and even paid for everything!
The barmaids were cute, but I couldn’t work out why they were dressed like sluts.
We spent ages talking and then I came back home to have a rushed dinner.

Toast and PB. It was crap. Especially with the electricity still being down on one circuit.
I then shot off to Jonny’s for a blues jam. We had a really good session and learnt some new songs. Plus, we now have a residency at a posh restaurant!

I arrived home to a disaster.
Some pillock in all the confusion of what was plugged in where had unplugged the fridge instead of the microwave.
Everything had started to thaw.

Yep, that pillock was me…


Great news at work today! They are cutting everyone’s hours from 40 to a minimum of 19!
On the plus side I’ll more free time to explore to Toronto, but I’ll less money coming in to be able to do that.
Apparently it’s all a bluff just to cover their arses. We’ll see, I’m on 27 hours next week.

I had this awesome meal for tea tonight though so I’m happy!

In case you can’t decipher what that is from the awful picture, that is pork chop, peas and chips (fries)!!!!

YUM YUM!!!!!


Excitement of today:

A deaf couple came in to the store I work at and they were from England so I could converse with them in British Sign Language! It was great!

After getting home and eating some home made burgers and some mixed veg, I went all the way down to the LCBO. The website says they stock Sam Adams and the guy at the Beer Store at Dufferin also said this.

They don’t.

They don’t even sell the Boston Lager that I don’t like either. However, after speaking to the person on the till, I now have a list of all the stores that stock it and also what their current inventory is!! Deffo going to get some of that!

I also got a message from Dan that I jammed with a few weeks ago. He’s formed a blues band with some gigs and needs a drummer so I’m going to jam with them tomorrow. Wicked excited!


Nothing to tell at all really today. But I decided that I would blog every day of my trip over here.

In the mean time, here is a photo of the annoying pillock who blows his whistle outside our house all day.

We have crossing lights, but he decides to stand on the crossing and blow his whistle every time the lights change and run out into the middle of the road with a small table tennis bat.


Another unsuccessful shopping trip.

Another day of going to the shops and not buying anything.
The main item on the list today was some ear plugs. I had picked out a place called ‘Listen up Canada!’ who were apparently a dealer of Doc’s Pro Plugs. I went to the office on Bay street. You had to enter a lobby and take a lift to the 3rd floor. Inside the lift (or is that elevator in Canada?) it was like a padded cell. All the walls had this pink diamond-shaped padding. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo. I found the office, but it was a solid wooden door with a plaque next to it with the doctors name on it. I chickened out and got back in a different lift to come down. This lift had walls made out of mirrors! I took a picture, except it was on video mode and took a really shit video instead.
Couple more shops of nothing and then I went to Sam’s parents house to sort out my student loan.
They’ve sent me a threatening letter because I left the country without telling them. As far as I’m concerned I’ve not done anything wrong. What’s it got to do with them anyway!?

Sam made a lovely dinner and then I set off to nofrills as I had to get there before they shut. Whilst waiting for the bus, two lads approached me, but I ignored them because I had my earphones in and couldn’t hear. Eventually they got my attention and asked me to go buy some beer for them and they’d give me a $10 tip. I didn’t fancy waiting another 20 mins for the bus, so I declined.

Did my food shopping and actually got what I needed! SUCCESS!!


This morning was a disaster. My volume was off on my iPod from being at the concert and so my alarm didn’t make any noise. I checked my clock, 7:22?!?!?!?! SHIT! I was meant to be leaving the house right now! I got changed, had a face wipe bath, made jam sarnies (in 12.7 seconds,) grabbed my stuff and legged it to the bus stop in 8minutes, just catching the bus as it pulled up.

Tapiwa was stood at the subway station, he was late too.
Luckily we made it to work 2 minutes early! Magic! We were then bombarded with information for a couple of hours in the form of training. Not a good thing for you at 8am!

I got home around tea time and had the most lovely pork chop from nofrills. I wish I’d taken a picture of my dinner tonight, it was so awesome!


Oh yeh, forgot to mention, I ond tickets to the Maple Leafs! WOOHOOO!!!!!