so tired.

Worked an almost full day and then went to play the restaurant. Didn’t really enjoy it this week, I was exhausted from the 12 hour shift on Sunday and the place was pretty much empty.

The medium-well steak I ordered was rare in places too.


Brain dead.

12 hour shift today.

Feck that shit.

I told my bosses I’m leaving though. Feels good to be moving on to a proper job!

Portuguese Karaoke.

I didn’t do too much this morning apart from cooking 4 pork chops and eating two of them before they went off, but in the evening I went over to Tapiwa’s and we shot some hoops. I was OK.

Then it started to rain like a bastard so we went back to his basement where we watched various British sitcoms.
First we saw Last of the summer wine, followed by Black Books, Brittas Empire and Blackadder to finish it off.

Almit turned up and Tapiwa convinced us to go to the nearby Portuguese bar, the same one we’d watched the football in a few times.

It was crazy, not particularly busy, but they had a laser show going off, mirror ball, and a guy dressed like a lawyer in the corner who was the DJ. There were two microphones set up which made me suspicious. Oh shit. It was a karaoke night!
Before I could escape, the evil DJ (probably DJ barrie Chuckle) hit a button causing the most pathetic tiny smoke machine I’ve ever seen to puff white smoke into the air masking the exit.

The first woman was OK, but the next act was amazing. A drunk guy got up to sing a song in Spanish. He kept flicking the microphone cable around the floor like a snake and started pacing backwards and forwards staring at Tapiwa. I was laughing my head off whilst Tapiwa tried to keep a straight face. He was getting closer and closer and eventually put his arm around him, still singing in Spanish. Another incredibly drunk guy from the bar went up to a table, picked up a chair and after placing it atop the table, proceeded to dance around it.
By now I was in tears with laughter and after the first guy saw, he started pacing in front of me instead.

It was the funniest thing I’ve seen yet in Toronto.

Then we went home.

Croatian grub

After work I went to Baldo’s for his party.

I had a couple of beers and a ton of Croatian food and nachos. They’d made some stuffed bread. You take the indie out of the roll, mix it with cottage cheese and put it back in. Baldo’s nachos were amazing.

I was one of 3 people speaking English at the party, but the other two were batty so I mainly waited until the Croatians spoke English to me.

I then came home around midnight with no other excitement.

A day of errands.

Supermarket and laundry in the morning.

After Brigi finished work, she picked me up and we went to her mum’s restaurant. I started making a website for them and we sorted out some google maps problems.
I then took a few photos that we can use on the website.

In Da Studio!

After work I went to Jonny’s and we recorded a few songs.

Knackered now, I didn’t home til 1am last night!


After work we went to Grossman’s Tavern to watch the New Orleans style band again.
It was just as good as always, and they even gave out free cake as it was 3 years since the band had asked Debbie to be their singer.

Jewish 1-0 Brazilian

I went to the Brazilian festival at Younge & Dundas Square today.

They buggered about for a good hour and still hadn’t started. Whilst this was going on, I went to the Apple Store and bought some headphones. On the way back I set off the alarm whilst waking into Sears, and then again when leaving Sears. No one batted an eyelid.
The Brazilian thing still hadn’t started and it was an hour after the start time.

I gave up and travelled down to the Jewish festival at the Harbourfront. The queue for the street car replacement buses was ridiculous, so I skipped it and walked.
There was a really good band playing on the WestJet stage. Like really good, until one of the Mexican guys decided he was going to do some Ragga MCing over it and ruined it all.

I then watched the parade which was quite exciting and yet oddly shit at the same time.

I headed down to Sean’s apartment, the first time I’d visited, and then we drove up to the restaurant to play the gig.
I had steak this week and it was incredible! I could have eaten 2!!


After work I went to Jonny’s house.

We chatted for a while, but spent most of night laughing at the Jesus Fresco story of the woman that thought she had permission to touch up a years old painting and destroyed it.

Then his mum came down and we spent another ten minutes laughing at it.

This was one of our favourites.

The Ex

it was shite.

No, I’m being harsh, it was quite good for what it was. Far too expensive though. $16 to get in and Ontario place is closed for good!

Upon arriving I headed straight for the air show. I was quite excited because this was the first time I’d been on Ontario place. Of course, everything was closed, but it was still somewhere that I’d wanted to wander around and photograph for a while.

I probably got there too early, but the first hour of the air show was pretty boring. It just took them too long to go past.
I took a few photos and then moved on to the main exhibition.

Food was next on the agenda and I decided that I should have some pulled pork in a sandwich. After waiting for ages I was given one cold. It wasn’t so great.

I pretty much walked around everything. I saw the farm, sand sculptures, a butter bust of Rob Ford, the fair rides, a pretty good band (905 band), a flow rider (it was shit) and I even got to go on a demonstration model of a new light rail carriage.

I then had some fish and chips, which were crap and came with fries not chips, and then watched some buskers juggling on stilts.

Upon arriving home I met Vitaliy, it was his last day in the house. We had a couple of beers and chatted for a few hours. He has quite some tales to tell!